Virtual Organizing Sessions

Simply send me picture(s) or short video of your space TODAY!

Email: or Text:  301-437-4610


Once I receive your pictures or video, within 48 hours, I will schedule our first session via email.  Then you will be sent an invoice via PayPal.  All invoices must be paid in advance.  NO REFUNDS!  If we run over, the initial thirty (30) minutes allotted, additional time will be billed in fifteen (15) minutes intervals.  Other terms and conditions may apply.

Now you will need to decide if you would prefer to converse via email, conference call or even Google Hang-Out (client must have a Google account)!

  • Prior to the first session, a FREE telephone consultation is available, if needed.
  • Each virtual session will be thirty (30) minutes in length.  During each virtual session, we will discuss my observations, review my recommendations and answer any questions.
  • After each session, you will be given a homework assignment.  Each task should take less than 30 minutes.  For each task, set your timer, complete the task and then stop.
  • Send me a picture(s) or short video once you have completed the task(s).
  • FREE follow-up call to discuss your next steps and to address your questions or concerns.

IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!  ********************

You may have just needed a “jump start”!  – OR – depending on the size of the overall project, you just needed a little motivation… Additional sessions may be scheduled, upon request!

Special Note:  My current on-site clients are given homework and here are some of the pictures that sent me after their assignments were completed… 

resized_20161013_171704 part_1480209560252_20161126_011506 image1

Copyright: yewkeo / 123RF Stock Photo