About Order Your Steps LLC

Order Your Steps LLC is a spiritually based company that specializes in professional organizing and productivity analysis.  We will not only help you to put your stuff in order, but teach, coach and consult with you to enable you to organize other aspects of your life.  Stay Patient…  Your FIRST STEP is the Beginning of a GREAT Journey! 

Our Overall Objectives:

  • Bringing your life back into Order
  • Clarity and focus of your mind
  • Organization of your physical space


Our Services include:

  • De-clutter & Organize
    • Homes
    • Offices
  • Time Management Consultations
  • Organizing Workshops & Seminars
  • Organizational Effectiveness Analysis
    • Small businesses
    • Churches
  • Virtual Organizing Sessions
  • FREE Organizing Workshops & Seminars


Our Mission

Order Your Steps will assist people in organizing their spaces through hands-on support and personal consultation, in a very professional and efficient manner.  Our organizing techniques, includes de-cluttering in the home, organizational effectiveness for home offices & small business and time management for the individual.  Our goal is to promote efficiency, effectiveness and eliminate disorder & stress.

Our Vision

Order Your Steps is a spiritually based business which creates Order out of chaos.  We will use our gift of organization and administration to help people to establish structure to their living space and the area where they work.  Our objective is to minimize stress, frustration and the feelings of being overwhelmed by day to day existence.  We will develop processes that will promote efficiency and order to homes, offices and wherever there is a need.  We plan to excel beyond the industry’s profitability standard and enable others to establish similar businesses throughout the country through mentoring.


“The steps of a good man (woman) are ordered by God…”  (Psalm 37:23)


To have more Order in your Life, Peace of Mind and Spirit is Priceless

We look forward to working with you!

Serving MD, DC and Virginia