When I told my husband that I would be hiring a Professional Organizer to help me organize our home office, he thought it would be a total waste of money. I, however, was desperate.  I couldn’t walk into my office without climbing over heaps of paper and other random items.  The documents had been piling up for almost ten years and the office space was totally unusable.


Candy was very pleasant and extremely professional.  She tackled the mess with incredible precision and efficiency so that after just my first session with her, I could actually see the floor of the office!  Something I hadn’t seen in years!  Even, my husband could not believe his eyes when he came home!


At the end of my sessions with Candy, the office was well organized with everything properly labelled.  There was literally a place for everything and everything was in its place.  Also, an unexpected outcome from the process was the ton of unused gift cards and checks we found that had been lost over the years.  Our total financial recovery was well over what we had paid her for her services. I would highly recommend Candy to anyone who needs help with organizing.  She’s the best!

A. E.


I highly recommend Candy Speight to anyone who is trying to organize their home. Her methodical way of tackling discrete areas in the home is very effective, while making sure you are comfortable with her suggestions. She has a marvelous sense of humor, which only enhances the sense of accomplishment you feel as you work through your home. I have no reservations in recommending Candy.
Sandy G.



I worked with this client for several months. We started on her basement and then worked on the upstairs.  12/2015


Griffin to help her daughter and her family to get ready to move to Africa.

A mother engaged my services to help her daughter and her family to get ready to move to Africa. 1/5/2016


You are ANOINTED – great job! – very REFRESHING once you organize. Now when K says you are exceptional then that is a true compliment. See you the next appointment!! Saturday worked great!!​ SHALOM!   ….. K & K

I won’t forget you!  You have changed the way I live… I def spread the word about you! … A. A.



Dear Candy:

In today’s modern world of hustle and bustle, hurry up and stand in line, it is great to see some good old great customer service.

I have to write and thank you for the absolutely, best customer service in your industry. Although my issues may have been simple to others, I needed help. My questions were answered promptly and I was treated with professionalism and respect! I now have systems in place I believe “Khloe” my daughter could follow (woof woof)… I’m no longer trying to function in a non-functional environment as sane as I thought it was; it was not. For God knew I needed assistance in my steps.

Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me. Psalm 119:133

“Order” – It can mean to “APPOINT, ESTABLISH, CONFIRM, PREPARE, or PERFECT.”   For it best described what the Lord did for me through you…

It’s been said that “A friend in need, is a friend indeed.” No words could better describe what you’re to me.

God Bless,

D. Smith


My first Testimonial

I called Candy hoping to find someone who could do more than organize a room or closet.  I had a storage unit that I was paying $198.00 a month which was an accumulation of my beloved 19 year old daughter personal affects, along with my parents and my in-laws possessions that I could not keep.  It was an overwhelming emotional task and after 12 years I realized I needed help.  During the initial consultation, I showed Candy the unit, gave her the keys and said “Please get rid of everything”.  Candy was different than other people in her profession.  She had items sold at auction, some things she donated and some went to consignment shops.  She consulted with specialists in silver, coins, and stamps.  Candy is efficient, punctual, and honest.  But most of all she is compassionate and wise.  She saved some items that she said were too special too throw away so I could make memory books.  She knew someone who could do that as well.  I cannot recommend Candy enough. She gave me updates every week, inventoried all items that were sold or donated, keeping clear records. The hardest part of the entire process was placing the first call. After that Candy worked independently and quickly.  After only six hours the unit was cleaned out and I made a dear friend.          ——— Marilyn S.