Organizing Tips

  • Hang in there! We can make it better!






  • When you are ready to start on that closet, do a “quick” sort, a few seconds per piece into piles (keep, go, not sure)… only touch each piece of clothing one time. 


  • When you decide to de-clutter and organize, remember your space has to remain “liveable”. If maintaining your “organization” makes everyone miserable, it is NOT worth it… TRUST ME! You have to find a balance between neat and NIGHTMARE!


  • It is always a good idea to sort your mail when you take it out of the mailbox. Throw the junk away first, but don’t forget to have a shred-only pile for all of those credit card offers….


  • Do you need a little nudge to get started?? Organizing may not be as hard as you may think!